Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New EP out on Tesla Tapes

Initate Screen Prevails - out now on Tesla Tapes

"Yes Blythe, is Callum Higgins, the head & body behind Baptists & Bootleggers, Sacred Tapes, River Slaughter and countless other projects. He has made a big impression at Gnod HQ with his relentless work rate , off the wall concepts and soldering skills. 
Following his debut album, Keep The Faith, earlier in the year, Yes Blythe returns with Initiate Screen Prevails, a two track EP. Both tracks are an attempt to capture the raw energy of recent live outings but with a more thorough, carefully constructed approach. Building layer upon layer Travels Nerves To Freedom is an onslaught of run out grooves, twisted to their limit into a grumbling mass with subtle changes guiding it along. At Labyrinth Borne-Sun sees the return of the field recordings and subtle melodies that have defined previous work by Yes Blythe. 
This really is a perfect autumn/winter release ,one for early mornings/late nights by a fire. 
Following suit of the hand packaged nature of his earlier releases, Initiate Screen Prevails comes housed in a recycled card sleeve with a fabric insert."

To get a copy visit http://teslatapes.bandcamp.com/album/yes-blythe-initiate-screen-prevails or email yesblythe@yahoo.co.uk to order directly from me.

Also available from boomkat.com

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